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Personal Watercraft Insurance

In Georgia, we are lucky to be surrounded by so many beautiful bodies of water. From Lake Lanier and Lake Hartwell to the Savannah River and the Atlantic Ocean, if you spend time on the water, boat insurance or other watercraft insurance is a must.  Whether you’re fishing, sailing, or cruising, watercraft insurance provides coverage against the numerous risks of owning and operating a vehicle on the water.

The stand alone, specialized policies for boats and other watercraft, offers many coverages you will not get if you simply add them to a homeowners policy. Total loss replacement is a relatively new coverage that will replace your boat or other watercraft involved in a total loss, if they are less than one model year old.

Bagwell Insurance Group also offers other coverages, including emergency on-water towing, environmental damage, watersports activities liability, breakdown coverage while on the water, and replacement costs for on-board items. No matter what your need or budget, let us find the right policy for you.