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Auto Insurance

Every day, millions of people commute to and from work and school, run errands, and travel.  Unfortunately, each time a person is on the road, the chances of an accident increase.  The State of Georgia requires that every automobile on the road have liability insurance.  The State minimum limits are very low and often will not protect you to the extent you need. Our auto insurance policies are designed with you in mind—offering protection so that auto-related damages, injuries, or losses are financially covered.

Our friendly staff works hard to guarantee that you, your passengers, and your car, as well as others and their property, are fully protected. We offer a variety of policies, including collector insurance with liability, physical damage, and uninsured motorist coverage for your high value collectibles. Bagwell Insurance Group is here to help evaluate your coverage and make sure that you and your automobiles are properly covered. We even help you insure your teenage driver, which many companies shy away from.

What is collision coverage?

In many cases, collision coverage is optional, but there are many good reasons to have it included in your insurance policy. Collision coverage insurance pays for damage to your car and your car only.

Can I lower my insurance premium?

There are many factors when it comes to your auto insurance rates. Below are just a few you should consider when it comes to reducing your auto insurance premiums:

  • Take a defensive driving class (if your state allows it)
  • If you change jobs and your drive to work is altered, you should contact your agent about the possibility of reducing your premium
  • Look into combining your policy with your spouse if you get married in your teens or twenties

Because we are headquartered in Gainesville, Georgia, we are able to conveniently serve the entire North Georgia area. Our professional staffis ready to serve you when you are ready to purchase auto insurance.Contact us to speak to one of our auto insurance agents today.

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