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Trucker Insurance FAQs

Is primary liability coverage required by law to operate my truck?


What if I travel across state lines?

Your coverage will be the same as you travel to and through other states.

What determines the premium of my primary liability coverage?

Premiums are determined by many factors, including: driving record, garage location, limit of liability coverage desired, type of operation, and the age and condition of equipment.

How long will it take for you to bind my policy?

This depends on the policy. Some can be bound as soon as less than 24 hours, while others can take longer.

What does primary liability insurance cover?

This option will help protect you from any vehicle damage or human injury that may result from a truck accident. At the time of purchase, you will select your coverage limit.

What primary liability limit do I need?

Tractor-trailers require a limit of $750,000 for operation, but the policies for other vehicles depend on state laws.