June 15, 2015

Summer Workout Plan

The Get Fit Summer Challenge is a 4-week strength and cardio workout plan created by NYC-based trainer Jessi Kneeland, NASM, of ReModel Fitness, that comes with delicious recipes for a range of goals.

This is a four-week exercise plan that requires only dumbbells and 30 minutes four times per week. Cardio included.

How the challenge works

  1. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays you’ll do strength workouts that work your entire body.
    • Mondays also target your arms.
    • Wednesdays also target your legs.
    • Fridays also target your core.
  2. You’ll do the same Monday, Wednesday, Friday workouts each week for the entire month, each week using incrementally heavier dumbbells. For example, if you did 10-pound goblet squats on the first Monday of the challenge, aim to use 12-pound dumbbells in week two. If you don’t have access to dumbbells in the weights you need, you can add extra sets to your workout instead.
  3. When selecting a weight to start with, there’s a simple rule of thumb: Choose a weight you can lift with perfect form for the number of reps prescribed plus one or two more. If you think you can do more than two additional reps with perfect form, you should use heavier weights.
  4. Saturdays are for cardio. You will choose the exercise you most enjoy: running, swimming, biking, elliptical, rowing, etc., and we will give you guidelines for time and intervals.

Daily Schedule of Activities

Links to VERY detailed images and descriptions of each day’s workout:

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