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RV, Campers, Travel Trailers

While some people like to rough it, others prefer enjoying nature in the security of a camper. No matter how you choose to camp, Bagwell Insurance Group has you covered.  Our camper insurance allows you savor the time with family and friends that you can “get away” without having to worry about the many possibilities that could happen.

With policies including liability, physical damage, and many additional and optional coverages, you can camp and be assured you are covered anywhere you travel.

RV Insurance Provider

When looking to purchase RV insurance, there are a few things to consider. There are certain variables that take some of the following points into account:

  • RV type and model
  • Other vehicles in the household
  • Driving history
  • Amount of coverage desired

We also remind our customers that although RV’s are automobiles, insuring your RV under auto insurance will leave significant coverage gaps. That is why at Bagwell, we provide specialized insurance for a wide range of needs including RV insurance.

Contact us today to speak to one of our professional insurance agents. We can help you understand why RV insurance is important and why you should consider things such as Fulltimer liability, medium duty tow trucks, and total loss replacement just to name a few.