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Discounts that are Available

Everyone likes to save a little money. At Bagwell Insurance Group, one of our core goals is to help serve as a resource that helps you save money. We have your best interest at heart, and want to see you receive the right policies, with the right types of protection, and a price that is right for you. With that in mind, we want to explain how you can lower your premiums, receive discounts that are available, and understand what you can do in the future to keep the discounts in place.

Multi-policy Discounts

While it may seem like a complicated statement, there is nothing difficult about a multi policy discount. In effect, what this means is that when you bundle your insurance policies together, you are able to receive a discount for having multiple policies with our agency.

We feel like you should be rewarded for entrusting us, and a discount is our way of “giving” a little something back to you. After comparing available options for you, we may advise that it’s best to buy all policies with one company, which saves you money on the TOTAL amount you spend. When you purchase mulitple policies from one company, one policy might be higher than another company for the same policy, but we’re working to save you money on the total amount you spend.

How Much Can I Save?

There is no doubt that bundling and packaging policies is best for every customer, as insurance companies typically offer 10% – 20% discounts on the total amount you spend, and this will lower your premiums paid. Additionally, there are a number of discounts available that, in their own respect, will help to lower your premiums. We will discuss each of these with you, and will walk you through the process of understanding how to maximize your savings.

Some typical discounts that you can receive:

  • Auto draft – by simply setting up your payment to be automatically debited from a checking account, or charged to a credit card, you can avoid monthly installment fees (which can range from $5 – $7 per month).
  • Multi-policy – as mentioned above, having multiple policies (such as home, auto, boat, life, etc.) with one insurance company, they will reward you with a discount on the total amount of your premiums.
  • Good student – while many people think that having a teenage driver is expensive, this fact can somewhat be offset by the student getting good grades.
  • Multi-car – make sure that your entire household is buying policies for all vehicles with the same company; more cars equals more savings.
  • Defensive driving school / course – available for drivers of all ages, going through an instructional course to become a better driver is something that insurance companies always like to see.
  • Smoke detectors – while every home should have smoke detectors installed, insurance companies will offer policy discounts if they find you’re keeping your family protected.
  • Home security system – insurance companies have to pay claims when a loss occurs; a break in at your home can often lead to a loss, and subsequent claim, so anything you can do to prevent the loss will be welcomed by the insurance company.
  • Accident-free – being a good driver, staying safe, and not having accidents will lead to nice discounts from your insurance provider, as they will come to realize you’re a safe driver with a low risk (of loss / claim).