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Optional Farming Coverage

Farm policy endorsements are available to customize coverages to meet the specific needs of your operation. Endorsements vary greatly by company. Some that you may want to discuss with your agent are: 

Country Choice®
If you own a small rural farm or acreage, you won’t need the same kinds or levels of coverage a traditional farm requires. But you will have your own unique coverage needs. Country Choice® is a small-farm policy tailored to include coverages that best fit your rural acreage needs. 

Disruption of Farm Income

The base farm policy provides coverage for physical loss to your farm structures. If you have a covered loss which disrupts your income, this endorsement may provide for the resulting income loss. The AgriChoice®policy offers an endorsement which packages coverage for income disruption with extra expenses incurred to get the business back in operation. 

Peak Season Endorsement

If your inventory of farm products fluctuates throughout the year, this endorsement allows you to indicate the periods when you have higher volumes on hand. 

Dwelling Ordinance and Law

Replacement Cost on your home or farm structures allows you to rebuild with like kind/quality construction. If there are ordinances in your area that apply different standards, this endorsement provides coverage for additional costs required to conform to local laws. 

Temperature-Sensitive Farm Personal Property

This endorsement broadens coverage of refrigerated farm products and supplies. These include damage caused by spoilage due to a change in temperature resulting from electrical interruption or mechanical or electrical breakdown of a refrigeration system. 

Milk Spoilage

This endorsement provides liability coverage when your milk contaminates another’s milk, with which it is commingled. 

Milk Contamination and Leakage
This endorsement provides against loss to your own milk as a result of contamination or leakage. 

Equine Boarding, Breeding, and Training

This endorsement provides liability protection arising out of your boarding, breeding, and training of horses. An endorsement is also available that covers loss to horses left in your care (e.g., boarding).