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Farming Liability Protection

Liability coverage is not an option. If someone is hurt on your property or hurt as a result of your actions, you may be held liable. If someone becomes ill as a result of a product you produce, you may be held liable. the liability portion of your policy covers expenses that you are legally liable to pay, due to bodily injury or property damage, provided that the cause of the injury or damage is not excluded. Your coverage includes attorneys’ fees and costs to defend, which can be among the most important aspect of this protection.


Exclusions vary by company and policy. Consult your agent for specific concerns. Typical exclusions found in many Farmowners policies include:

  • Intentional Acts – Insurance is intended to cover you for claims of negligence, but not actions where you intend to cause harm.
  • Injury to Insured, Insured’s Property, or to Property in the Insured’s Care, Custody, and Control – Liability coverage affords protection against claims by others. Damage to your own property is covered under the property portions of the policy
  • Employment Practices – Employment discrimination, harassment, etc. are usually not covered under a farm policy.
  • Pollution – Most farm policies exclude coverage for liability arising out of pollution. Companies vary in their pollution endorsement offerings.
  • Business Pursuits – The farm policy protects you from liability arising out of your farm activities but does not protect you from liability that arises out of other non-farm businesses. You may need separate, additional coverage for other owned businesses, while some may be covered by endorsement.

For more information on farm insurance options, please contact agent, Wendell Bagwell or William DeLaPerriere.