June 3, 2015

Keep Your Car Rolling: Check Your Tires

Blow-outs are no laughing matter.  They can make a long awaited trip begin or end badly.  Take care of your tires and they will take care of you.  Here are a few tips to help.

  1. Check the air in your tires twice a month.  Don’t just give them a look, use a tire pressure gauge.  The recommended pressure is listed on the sidewall of your tire.  It is measured in psi.
  2. Check the tread depth regularly.  You can check the tread of your tires using a quarter.  Turn the quarter upside down so that Washington’s head is upside down in the tread.  If any part of Washington’s head is covered, you’re OK.  Anything less, you need to start shopping for tires.  Bald tires lack traction.  Loss of traction can lead to accidents.  Accidents lead to tickets.  Accidents and tickets lead to higher premiums.
  3. Get your wheels rotated, at least every other oil change, especially on front-wheel drive cars.  Rotating your tires will help them wear evenly preserving the life of the tire and it also helps with handling and braking.

Give your tires the regular care they need to get you there and back.

Remember, the time to buy insurance is not when you need it most.

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