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Home and Contents

Generally, your farm owners insurance covers:

  • Home and your tenant dwellings
  • Household personal property or contents
  • Detached garages and other structures (in-ground pools, outdoor radio and TV antennas, satellite dishes)
  • Buildings and outdoor equipment for service of the dwelling, grounds, and materials for building and repairing dwellings or attached structures

Coverage for home and contents can be written for Basic, Broad, or Special causes of loss (depending on underwriting eligibility). Frequently, Special is chosen for the dwelling structure and Broad for contents.

Appurtenant Structures

Coverage for other structures is generally provided as a percentage factor of the coverage on the main dwelling. For example the AgriChoice policy provides 10% of the dwelling coverage for appurtenant structures, including detached garages, in-ground pools, and satellite dishes. Higher limits are available.

Household Personal Property

Household Personal Property is typically covered at our away from the insured’s location. Limits typically apply for property kept at a secondary residence (e.g. vacation home or a dorm room); generally, 10% of the Household Personal Property limit extends to the contents at a secondary residence. Review your coverage limits with your agent to ensure this meets your needs.

Special Limits

Most policies include Special Limits on certain categories of Household Personal Property. Review these with your agent. If you need higher limits on certain categories of property, you will need to make provisions in your policy.

Trees, Shrubs, Plants, and Lawns

There are typically limitations on the value, location, and causes of loss that apply to trees, shrubs, plants, and lawns. The AgriChoice policy provides coverage up to either 5% of the dwelling limit or $500 if items are located within 250 feet of a covered dwelling. Causes of loss are limited to fire or lightning, explosion, riot, civil commotion, aircraft, damage by vehicles not owned or operated by a resident of the dwelling, vandalism, or theft. Coverage does not apply to trees, shrubs, plants, or lawns that are grown for business or farming purposes.

Debris Removal

The AgriChoice policy provides for removal of debris following a covered loss. Coverage limits are typically a percentage of the structure limit and may exceed the limit by an indicated percentage.

Credit Card Theft

Your policy may provide coverage for credit card theft and forgery. Limits vary by company. The AgriChoice policy provides up to $5,000

Loss of Use

If loss of use of the dwelling results from a covered loss, the policy may provide for additional living expenses, or fari rental value in the case of a tenant dwelling. this is typically available as a percentage of the dwelling coverage. The AgriChoice policy extends 50% of the dwelling limit to apply to Loss of Use.

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