July 2, 2015

Going on Vacation

A great family vacation can all be ruined if you return home to find that your home has been burglarized.  A good way to keep your personal property safe while you are gone are listed in the following tips. Be sure to have a friend, family member or neighbor who you can count on, in the case of an emergency, so that you can call them if needed.

  1. Put your lights on timers.  This makes your home look occupied.  Also plug a TV or radio into the timer as well.
  2. Install an alarm system.  Make sure to display the monitoring company’s sign.  This will aslo help you save on your premium.
  3. Put your mail on hold or have a close friend or relative pick it up daily.
  4. Hire someone to mow your lawn or blow leaves.
  5. If you have an emergency key outside, bring it in before you leave.
  6. Stop the newspaper from being delivered.
  7. Place your valuables in a safe or safety deposit box.

Remember, the time to buy insurance is not when you need it most. Our goal in offering these tips is to remind you to be proactive and to keep your family safe. Nothing is worse than realizing you need to start from scratch and reorganize your home.

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