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Farm Structures

Your farm policy should cover loss or damage to buildings and structures used in your farming operations. This include barns, confinement facilities, dairy parlors, silos, portable buildings, pens, chutes and corral fencing, building materials intended to be used on farm building, private telephone and electric apparatus, and fixed irrigation equipment.

Farm Structures can include:

  • Barns
  • Dairy Parlors
  • Silos
  • Pen, Chutes, and Confinement Facilities
  • Corral Fencing
  • Fixed Irrigation Equipment

Remember to talk to your agent about:

  • How current is your building valuation?
  • How much deductible should you carry?  You may be able to save money on your insurance with higher deductibles, but this also effects how much you pay yourself.
  • Insuring structures on your property for Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value.
  • The Causes of Loss (BasicBroad, or Special Coverage) you want to insure for.

Our AgriChoice policy can provide coverage during the construction of your a new barn or building during the policy term.  You will want to consult with your agent to make sure it’s properly insurance, but AgriChoice provides coverage for new construction for a period of 60 days beginning at the delivery of building materials.

It’s also very important that your agent knows all the fixtures built into your buildings and structures so that they can be included in the values assigned to them.  Your AgriChoice policy provides coverage for those fixtures or systems; however, you must list them in your policy.

For more information on farm insurance options, please contact agent, Wendell Bagwell or William DeLaPerriere.