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Equine Liability Insurance

Farmers need specific insurance coverage for specific farming needs. At Bagwell Insurance Group, we have years of experience meeting a wide range of farm and ranch needs, including equine farms. The insurance coverage needed for a horse farm is not necessarily the same coverage another farmer may need, so it is important to seek a solution tailored for you individual needs.

Equine Farm Protection

The liability challenges an equine rancher or farmer faces on a daily basis are varying. Whether you face a wandering horse on the roadway or you have a horse that reacts unpredictably and someone is injured, you need to have the peace of mind knowing you are protected just in case events like this occurs. Beyond this very specific coverage, you should also consider other coverage such as when and if the general public comes onto your farm or ranch or when customers leave animals in your care.

Equine Operations

A different breed-coverage, just for equine risks. Just another tool in our series of specialty farm products. The Nationwide Agrichoice product is designed to protect your structures, machinery & equipment, and livestock property associated with horse farm or equine production operation. We can also add liability to the policy for the following operations: Breeding, Boarding, and Training.

Bagwell Insurance Group will work with you to help you understand your liability exposure and the options you have when it comes to your equine liability insurance coverage. We have been providing a wide range of insurance coverage for farmers since 1980. And during this time we have not only passed on a great deal of knowledge to our farmers insurance customers, but have learned a tremendous amount about specific farm and ranch needs. As a horse farmer, don’t leave your assets in the hands of an insurance agency with less than adequate experience. Rely on Bagwell Insurance Group and our years of experience of working with equine farmers.

Specialized Agents

For more information on small rural farms insurance, please contact Wendell Bagwell, William DeLaPerriere, TJ Smith or Matt Adams.