What is Cyber insurance?

What is Cyber InsuranceA targeted hack, ransomware or simply a lost laptop could result in a company incurring various costs and expenses. A cyber policy is designed to cover privacy, data and network exposures and provide peace of mind. Whether it is sensitive client data or employee information, there are increasing expectations that this information is secure. The list of regulations and statutes regarding the use and protection of this information, and notification in the event of a breach, continues to expand.

As Cyber Criminals grow bolder and more sophisticated, we see businesses, school systems, cities and government agencies falling victim to increasingly intrusive cyberattacks, even as preventive measures are put in place. So, how do you not let your good work go unrewarded in regards to your Cyber Insurance?

#1 – You will want to get the coverage that you need. A watered-down Cyber Insurance Policy may leave you high and dry when you need it the most. You want to know your Cyber Insurance is equally covering you if the unthinkable happens with thorough coverage and protection. 

#2 – As you take steps to reduce your Cyber risk and exposure by implementing these preventative measures, your Cyber Insurance cost should reflect what you’re actively doing.

Image of person typing on laptop with glowing lockAt Bagwell Insurance Group, we have partnered with Cyber Insurance Companies who provide preferred pricing and preferred coverage for those customers with good IT and Cyber Security practices. We are here to help and assist in your evaluation of Cyber Insurance. Please give us a quick call, send us an email, etc. to start investigating your options. We look forward to working with you!

For more information, contact our Cyber Insurance Specialist:
Casey Robinson