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Choosing a Dental Plan

Besides the fear of sitting in a dentist’s chair and the anxiety that goes with making an appointment, many people also avoid the dentist because of the cost. As a matter of fact, The American Dental Association estimates that high costs are what keep nearly half of people away from dental offices. While dental insurance cannot make a trip to the dentist any less fear inspiring, it can help reduce the burden of its high costs. In order to help make the decision of whether or not to purchase dental insurance, here is a breakdown of what is included in a dental insurance plan.

  • Preventative Care: All dental insurance plans include routine checkups, cleanings, x-rays and fillings; fluoride and sealant applications to prevent cavities; and certain types of oral surgery, gum care (also called periodontics) and root canals.
  • Emergency care: Emergency care covers damages tooth repair or extraction and treatment following an accident involving the mouth and teeth.
  • Complex care: This includes braces, dentures or bridges. While some dental plans may pay for complex care in full, most will cover about half of the expenses.

Now that the basic coverage included with dental insurance has been established, there are several types of dental plans to choose from. These plans include:

  • Freedom of Choice: Typically the most expensive, freedom of choice plans cover any choice of dentist or orthodontist.
  • Preferred Provider Organization: Known more commonly as PPOS, these plans offer a solid middle of the road choice. They are not quite as expensive as freedom of choice plans but offer flexibility if you need to see a physician outside of the preferred network.
  • Healthcare Management Organizations: Usually the most affordable option, HMOs cap payment for various services and usually require the policy holder to pay the rest.

While nothing can make the dentist a more enjoyable experience, hopefully having a quality dental insurance can take away some of the sting. Depending on your lifestyle and dental care needs, there are several different types of plans available. If you need more information are deciding whether or not a dental insurance plan is right for you, contact a local insurance provider for more information.

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