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Cattle Farm Insurance

The North Georgia area is full of farms from a varying range of industries. Each one faces their own unique set of challenges with very specific solutions. When it comes to insuring your farm and everything on your farm, farmers need a solution that is specific to their need. Farmers searching for cattle farm insurance can have peace of mind knowing that we have the experience and knowledge to handle your very specific needs.

A cattle farm insurance policy covers your property and provides liability coverage for your farming operations. Although farm policies differ, there are general areas of protection and liabilities including:

  • Home and Contents
  • Farm Personal Property
  • Farm Structures
  • Animals wandering into the roadway
  • Animals reacting unpredictably
  • Unjust allegations of animal cruelty

Insuring Your Cattle 
There are a few things to account for regarding your cattle farm when it comes to insurance coverage.

  • Count each animal individually, while identifying them in whatever manner you typically use on the farm (ear tag number, etc.)
  • Cover cattle as part of a blanket. This approach consists of covering livestock, equipment, and farm products in a lump sum amount.
  • Count livestock as a herd. 

For more information on cattle farm insurance, please contact Wendell Bagwell, William DeLaPerriere, TJ Smith or Matt Adams.