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For Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Business Owner Policies (BOP) are designed for small and medium sized business owners who want to combine general liability with any or all combinations of property, business personal property, and business auto. As a BOP provider, Bagwell Insurance Group assembles the necessary coverage for a business into one bundle for a premium that is much lower than the total cost of individual coverage.

Bagwell Insurance Group offers specialized packages to provide business owners with extra coverage. A typical business owner policy includes property insurance, business interruption insurance, crime insurance, vehicle coverage, liability insurance and flood insurance. In order to best fit your needs, we offer optional coverage that can be added to packages to meet specific business desires.

Resources For Your Business

We are here to help your business grow and to help you make your business as successful as possible; here are just a few questions you may be asking:

We’re here to walk WITH you through your business journey. We are more than just an insurance agency, we are a valued partner that will grow with your business. For more than 30 years, business owners in North Georgia have trusted us to help them plan for success.