Bagwell Insurance Group received the 2017 District Community Service Award in June 2017 from Nationwide.

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We are Partners in Education with Chattahoochee Elementary, West Hall Middle School and Horizon Christian Academy. We have recently praised our educators and provided lunches for everyone.

Infinity Educator Award

This is our second year of presenting the Bagwell Insurance Group Infinity Educator Award to our partnering schools. Bagwell Insurance Group is honored to present the Bagwell Insurance Group Infinity Educator Award each year to a special educator in our partnering schools. As a family business, we recognize that the teachers in our lives are what paved the way to our success. The infinity mark presents no boundaries. It is simple in appearance but shows us that there is no stopping or starting point. It is boundless. As a fair and balanced means of judging this honoree, we ask the Senior Classes each year to vote for the recipient of this award. The recipient of the Infinity Award must meet specific criteria. This teacher must be encouraging, creative and accepting of others no matter their race, ethnicity, or financial background. This teacher thinks outside the box. He or she sets the bar and teaches the students to step above it. They push students to give their best to ensure his or her students’ success.

Tim Poole – West Hall Middle School

Charles Wiggins – Horizon Christian Academy

2018 Infinity Award Winners

West Hall High School – Cindy Herford

West Hall Middle School – Tim Poole

Horizon Christian Academy – Charles Wiggins

2017 Infinity Award Winners

West Hall High School – Cindy Herford

West Hall Middle School – David Head

Horizon Christian Academy – Lisa Stiles

2016 Infinity Award Winners

West Hall High School – Cindy Herford

West Hall Middle School – Katie Miller

Readers are Leaders Campaign

This campaign is our way of partnering with schools to help “Grow Leaders in our Community.” We believe that the foundation for good leaders begins with good readers. This year, we have sponsored a summer reading contest at Horizon Christian Academy (for Elementary portion of the school). Students that completed the Summer Reading Challenge will receive a book for reading over the summer. We are also providing an ice cream party for the kids. At Chattahoochee Elementary School, we are holding quarterly contests with the students encouraging them to read.


AgNowGa is a Campaign launched last year where we bring Agriculture to classrooms. Last year, we did a plant cycle study with 3rd Grade at Horizon Christian Academy. Our team members went in once a week to a class of sophomores and juniors at Horizon and taught them about creating an Agribusiness where we planted herbs, flowers, and vegetables. We will be working with Chattahoochee Elementary this year in their farm to table projects!

Organizations We Support

A Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) is a trained community volunteer appointed by a judge to speak up for the best interests of an abused or neglected child involved in a juvenile court proceeding.

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FCA’s vision is to see the Greater Hall County area impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches. They serve our local community by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ.

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Good Samaritan Ministry exists to assist and minister to individuals and families who are in need through distribution of food, furniture, job placement training, health screenings and other areas of life changing interests.

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Georgia Grown is a program designed to help businesses with a vested interest in Georgia’s agriculture become even more successful. Their goal is to aid agricultural economies by bringing together producers, processors, suppliers, distributors, retailers, agritourism and consumers in one powerful, statewide community.

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