Apartment Owners and Habitational Insurance

Protection AND Service

Apartment ownership is a huge investment. Our Apartment Owners products come with valued protection and exceptional service. We understand that habitational risks are more complex than standard commercial policies. There are many moving parts so insuring apartment risks requires knowledge, experience, and exceptional service in a time of need. We work with the BEST top-rated carriers that specialize in writing these special risks. Our staff is committed to protecting your business with the coverage that best fits your operation.

Protecting your business AND you

Apartment ownership is more than just buildings and structures. When a business is renting to others, the liabilities and risks become more complex and extensive. We also understand that in many cases, additional locations and unique circumstances require a more specialized coverage. Our habitational policies stretch beyond basic structure protection. We build our policies to cover buildings, maintenance automobiles, equipment, and tools, as well as liability coverage for unexpected claims resulting from property damage and injuries. We offer Master Policies that extend to multiple locations and covers those special situations that make your business unique. Whether through storms, structural damage or personal injuries, our policies protect your business AND you.

Protection on Premises

We understand that risks on apartment buildings are more extensive than what an average guest can see. In reality, the extensions to the actual building are where many of the highest risks are found. That’s why our coverages extend to cover these risks. Our policies can include coverage for:

  • Equipment and fixtures permanently attached to the building like water heaters, heating and air units, sprinklers, and outdoor antennas
  • Equipment and fixtures permanently attached to the premises like street signs, fences, flag poles, and more
  • Liability for bodily injury on the premises

Additional coverage is available and offered based on the specific needs of our clients. For more information, contact our Habitational and Apartment Owner Specialists: