February 4, 2015

Annual Insurance Assessment

The following list contains a number of questions that we ask you to seriously consider. Please take the time to review these questions and contact us to address any questions that you answer “YES” to. Considering changes to these items can save lots of heartache should something happen. Remember, we’re here redefining protection to keep you and your family covered.

Have you…

  1. Bought or sold a home, vacation property, farm, etc?
  2. Completed a renovation or addition to your home (this includes things like a pool, barn, workshop, etc.)?
  3. Added, decreased or changed your mortgage?
  4. Bought or sold a vehicle?
  5. Added, or dropped, a driver from your auto policies?
  6. Started or sold a business?
  7. Added, or removed, an alarm system in your home?
  8. Made changes to the beneficiaries of your estate?
  9. Become a parent, or added other children to your family?
  10. Lost your health insurance coverage?
  11. Thought about how much money your family would need, should you die?
  12. Incurred an injury that has you thinking about disability insurance?
  13. Seen the health of an aging family member decline?

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