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Agritourism Insurance Coverage

The trend for many farmers today is to offer other money-making ventures on their farm. There are many opportunities for farmers to make a profit when it comes to offering activities for the general public. Agritourism and Agribusiness is a booming trend in Georgia, so it is important that you and your farming assets are protected through a comprehensive agritourism insurance plan. As a farmer, it is wise to speak to an insurance agent about your agribusiness so that you have the appropriate insurance protection in place.

Protecting Your Heritage

Agritourism is simply any type of money-making venture outside of the intended operation of a farm. Some forms of agritourism protection can be provided with an optional endorsement to your farm insurance policy, but they do vary from state to state. A Bagwell Insurance Group agent can help you understand what your agritourism insurance protection actually covers. This may include:

Seasonal Activities

There are instances in which you only offer activities during certain seasons. This may include haunted houses, corn mazes, and hay rides just to name a few. One of agents may be able to package a commercial liability policy along with your farm policy to provide you with the protection this kind of specialized agritourism operation requires. It is important to note that Nationwide currently does not provide insurance protection for:

  • Hay Rides Off Premises
  • Inflatables
  • Christmas Tree Farms

For more information on agritourism insurance, please contact Wendell Bagwell, William DeLaPerriere, TJ Smith or Matt Adams.