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25 Things To Do Before Spring's Arrival

The Georgia groundhog, known as Gen. Beauregard Lee, predicts an early spring in the South. Let’s start counting down the days until winter is another season behind us, and we’re all wearing shorts!

In the meantime, here is a list of 25 things to consider doing before spring is upon us. There is time for fun, famlyand adventure over the next few weeks of winter, but also some items that need attention and your responsibility.

  1. Help keep your pipes from freezing.
  2. There is a life insurance scam going around North Georgia right now, utilizing unsolicited phone calls to catch victims in a trap. Don’t be a victim!
  3. Before you spark up the logs in your fireplace, take heed that fireplaces and chimneys are involved in 42 percent of all home-heating fires. Learn how to stay safe.
  4. We want to bring attention to something we care deeply about: child safety. Learn more from Nationwide and their efforts to “Make Safe Happen“.
  5. While road salting helps people travel safely, it has drawbacks. It can cause major body and undercarriage damage to your vehicles unless you take extra care and precaution.
  6. Considering a few questions in your life, and know that changes to these items can save lots of heartache should something happen.
  7. Kids will be kids, and kids will get hurt. But there are things you can do in and around the home to make sure their accidents aren’t life-threatening.
  8. Are you thinking about fun in the sun? Fishing? Skiing? Relaxing on that new boat? Remember that there is more to owning a boat than “insert into water”.
  9. Medicine is the leading cause of poisoning in children. Young children may mistake brightly colored tablets, capsules and liquids for candy—making it extremely important to practice medicine safety.
  10. Chances are, you’re like 45% of Americans who made a New Year’s resolution to get in better shape and get back into the gym; don’t let this one slide. Take care of your body!
  11. Plan your summer vacation! Don’t let the shorter days of winter ruin your fun, imagination and creativity. Pull the whole family together and plan our your summer.
  12. Last year’s “snowpocalypse” left many stranded on Atlanta’s roads. Here are 10 things to keep in your car’s winter survival kit.
  13. Volunteer at one of our local shelters that feeds and houses those in need. With winter conditions, many people are left out in the cold, and are often hungry. If you don’t know where to start, consider Georgia Mountain Food Bank or Goods News at Noon.
  14. Since you’ll probably be confined to your home, find a great new recipe and bake something. It will make the whole house smell good and you’ll enjoy the aromas.
  15. When stores begin to introduce spring clothing, they typically put winter clothes on sale. Be on the lookout for big discounts as this is the perfect time to stock up on clothes for next year.
  16. Winter is punishing on your roof. Grab a good pair of binoculars and look over your roof, from the ground. Look for missing shingles or damaged areas. If you’re overly concerned, have a roofing contracting come out to assess the condition of the roof before the spring rainy season is upon us.
  17. Don’t forget about your yard…take a few tips from the pros.
  18. Black ice is common this time of year. Prepare yourself with winter weather driving tips—and be sure to share with family, friends, and especially new drivers!
  19. Freezing temperatures can mean falling tree limbs. Is your home insured to cover the damage?
  20. Don’t pay to heat an inefficient house, it just costs money. Learn more about programmable thermostatsand how they can change the way your home works, while also saving you money.
  21. Keep you and your family safe while you’re on the road. From recall information to a tire buying guide, this website is a GREAT resource to understand the tires you need on your vehicle.
  22. Make a difference in your community. Consider what you would do to save a life? Would you do something as simple as donating blood? Here are some upcoming blood drives in the area.
  23. We believe in buying local to support local businesses, as well as locally grown food. Check out whatNortheast Georgia Locally Grown is doing in our area with their Internet based farmers market.
  24. Most house fires occur in the winter. Does your family have an evacuation plan to get out of the house in case of a fire? We’ll help you formulate an escape plan.
  25. If these things don’t keep you busy, rent the movie Groundhog Day and reliver winter every day!